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COVID-19 Response Solutions

For essential service & healthcare workers:
Transport technology solutions to manage split teams, safe distancing and enable contact tracing.
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How do you adjust your employee transport around split teams, comply with safe distancing measures and enable contact tracing?

Reconfiguring employee transport to fit new arrangements can be complicated - and often, inefficient. SWAT can remove this headache and help you plan your transport around split teams in a fraction of the time.

Whatever your need is, we can work with your existing bus operators or source buses for you. We can provide temporary transport, or work on your long term transport needs.

For essential services & healthcare workers
With the reduction in public transport levels, your workers may be facing greater inconvenience while commuting during this difficult time. Offer your employees a safe, sanitised commuter transport that is demand-responsive, so they can have peace of mind travelling to and from the workplace.

Check out our partnership with Toyota Mobility Foundation to provide safe commuter transport here.

Shift workers in split teams
Not sure whom in each team will be working the shift? Have your employee book their own rides using our user-friendly mobile app!
We generate routes that are optimised to give your employees convenient pick-up/ drop-off locations based on ride bookings. Through the app, your staff can find out which vehicle they are taking and view its location in real time.

 Enable Contact Tracking

Know exactly which buses your employees boarded and at what time. Access reports to view this information and more.

Easy scheduling

Running split teams? Adjust bus schedules easily with automated route planning and vehicle assignments.
No need to re-route manually.

Flexible service

Adapts to all your service requirements. The system automatically plans around your shift timings, demand and even your sanitisation schedule.

Save costs

Potentially use fewer buses without sacrificing service levels.

Minimise contact

Enforce safe distancing with automatic capacity adjustment.

Boost employee morale

Employees will appreciate your efforts in providing these additional benefits for their safety.

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