Next-Generation Transit

Traditional public transit networks are rigid, inflexible and do not have adequate coverage.

Closes connectivity gaps to provide seamless connections.
Upgrade to an app-based service to extend your transit network reach - for less walking, less waiting, shorter travel times.
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Future-proof transit networks for your communities

Dynamic solutions for more effective and sustainable public transportation routes

First Mile, Last Mile Connection

Improve access and connectivity to main transport hubs in residential and commercial areas. Our On-Demand transport solution lets you:

• Make the connection you need, and would have otherwise made by walking or by taxi
• Share your ride with your neighbours, making fares more affordable for everyone
• Adapt transit networks to the changing needs of your community

Low Ridership

For routes with lower patronage, our flexible On-Demand solutions:

• Maximise the utility of your vehicles
• Provide a better rider experience
• Improve the profitability of running augment fixed routes services

Autonomous Vehicles

We are one of the technology providers in Singapore's first-ever trial of commercial AVs and a member of the AV consortium by Emerging Stronger Taskforce's Alliance for Action.

Direct the movement of connected autonomous vehicles with our technology:

• Route planning optimisation
• System integrations
• High-capacity passenger pooling

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Create more convenient and accessible services for your community

Increase service coverage

Expand transit access by increasing service coverage and stopping points, with high efficiency and optimised routes.
Improve riding experience
Enable pre-booked rides, close to home pick up and drop off locations, and guaranteed seats. Monitor rider feedback collected via the app.
Operational efficiencies
Integrate your city's payment system for cashless payments and loyalty credits. Monitor ridership behaviour to improve future city and town planning.
Ease congestion
Improve traffic through shared resources and optimised routes. Increase connectivity to major transport hubs and reduce significant commuting traffic by individuals.

Find out how we helped a suburb in Australia solve their First Mile Last Mile challenge