Product Used
Just In Time


Type of Transport
Overnight Shift, Work-to-Home
# of Employees Taking Transport

Company A is a major ground handler in the Asian region with over 70 years of experience.

5 minutes
Time to Receive Ride Details
Journey times within 45min
<1 Week
Billing Reconciliation Time
With SWAT’s system in place, we are able to harness operational data to guide our decisions around transport planning for our overtime staff. Process digitisation has also reduced time spent investigating administrative errors and laborious reconciliations.

- Spokesperson, Company A

The Challenge

Before SWAT, Company A contracted a third-party bus operator to provide transport services for staff on overtime work. These bus routes were not fixed and vary according to demand. During peak timings, large volumes of staff would arrive at the pick-up bay with transport slips containing their addresses. Ground coordination, bus allocation and route planning would be done on the spot, causing bottlenecks at the pick-up bay.

In addition, the manual transport planning process made the reconciliation of rides a tedious process for both Company A and the third-party transport operator. Company A hoped that the digitisation of their transport would streamline processes and improve data accuracy.

The Solution

With the existing bus operator, SWAT Mobility deployed our ‘Just-in-time’ solution, where staff can book their rides up to 15 minutes before departure times. At each time, our routing engine generates routes and releases them to the staff within 5 minutes. All staff can now conveniently book rides on SWAT’s app instead of filling their addresses on transport slips.

The service is an island-wide deployment with geofenced zones to ensure staff get home in the shortest time possible. To date, 94% of staff experience bus journey times of not more than 45 minutes.

With SWAT, the reconciliation process has also been expedited significantly with captured operational data for increased accuracy.

Before SWAT, large crowds gather (left) as overnight staff request a transport requisition slip at the end of their shift and hand it over to the bus operator on duty. Then they had wait while the slips are organised and distributed to the bus drivers to determine which bus they should board. With SWAT (right), crowds are longer an issue as staff only need to book via our app, locate the bus and board.