Product Used
Digital Fixed Routes

Digital Transformation for Improved Employee Transport

Use Case
Employee Transport
Transport Type
Shuttle buses from selected MRT stations to office

Airline House is an office building located at Changi Village which serves employees of Singapore Airlines (SIA) and its subsidiary companies, such as SIA Engineering Company (SIA-EC).

8 stops
Expanded from 4
Monthly increase in passengers in first 3 months
Average ride rating

The Challenge

SIA was previously chartering fixed-route shuttle buses from 4 MRT stations to Airline House. The shuttle services serve about 200-300 staff across SIA and SIA-EC daily. 

Transport challenges arose due to split team working arrangements, which was exacerbated by the low volume of riders leading to increased costs due to poor bus utilisation.

The service had a limited number of pick-up points and timings available for the staff, and there was no system to track and manage service quality, resulting in an overall lack of data and visibility into operations.

SIA was looking for a solution that would allow them to digitise their staff transport, save costs and have a way to track and analyse ridership.

Increase from 4 to 8 stops with SWAT Mobility

The Solution

The Digital Fixed Route solution by SWAT Mobility allows the company to expand the stop coverage to 8 MRT stations, an increase from the previous 4 stops.

Employees from SIA and SIA-EC can book multiple trips on the shuttle buses in advance, using the mobile app SWATBiz. They can secure seats on the bus and track the bus real-time location on the day of the ride. The app is also highly flexible, giving the employees the option to cancel and re-book their rides should they need to.  Feedback has been very positive so far, with 60% of positive feedback citing punctuality and better journey times and routes as what they like about the service.

“Thanks for making our daily commute easier”
- Anonymous rider

The company also introduced an element of staff co-payment, whereby the employees pay for their rides at a subsidised rate through the app. The app supports payment methods such as credit card and ride credits, which minimises cash collection and paperwork for the company. 

Using the booking data collected showing the demand from ride bookings and completed trips, the company was able to expand stop coverage, right-size fleets and craft routes that better serve employees. SWAT Mobility’s system can also perform fleet optimisations based on the demand data.

With a system that tracks and analyses ridership, the company now is able to better cater to different staff schedules and volumes, maximise bus utilisation on fixed shuttles based on demand and ultimately save costs.