J:COM Partners with SWAT to Launch Public On-Demand Transportation Services in Senboku New Town, Japan

Published on:
October 1, 2023

SWAT Mobility Japan will be developing and providing an AI on-demand transportation app for the "Nankai On-Demand Bus Supported by J:COM" demonstration project led by Sakai City, Nankai Electric Railway, Nankai Bus, and J:COM.

Since July 2020, SWAT has been providing a ride-sharing service app for J:COM's sales staff called "J:COM MaaS." As of today, the service covers 21 cities across Japan, boasting 1,730 registered users and over 365,000 completed rides, with approximately 130 vehicles in operation. Building on our operational expertise and data insights from the J:COM MaaS service, we are collaborating with J:COM to develop and deploy an operational app for public transportation. This initiative is particularly vital in the Izumi-Kita Newtown region, where mobility challenges for residents, especially the ageing population, are a significant concern. The project is part of the activities of the "Mobility WG" within the SENBOKU Smart City Consortium, aiming to enhance current mobility solutions. This year marks the second round of the demonstration project.

SWAT Mobility Japan's involvement in the "Nankai On-Demand Bus Supported by J:COM" demonstration project signifies our commitment to advancing smart and efficient public transportation solutions. Through our collaboration with J:COM and other key partners, we aim to leverage our proven track record in ride-sharing technology to address pressing mobility challenges in Japan and beyond. This project represents a significant step towards creating more accessible, sustainable, and user-centric transportation options for all residents.