Siam Rajathanee enters the logistics market, launching the “SWAT Mobility” application and promoting 4 employee shuttle solutions

Published on:
April 11, 2022

Siam Rajathanee Public Co., Ltd (SO), a personnel recruitment service provider and rental and service business, joins hands with SWAT Mobility Pte Ltd (SWAT Mobility), the top transportation technology provider in the Southeast Asia region, to expand its business in the SO Wheel group, which provides various types of car rental services, including sedans, pickup trucks, vans, 4-wheel, 6-wheel, and 10-wheel trucks, and modified car rental services. To meet businesses’ demands in both the public and private sectors, the companies collaborated to launch the "SWAT Mobility" application to improve employees’ commute experience. The service fully automates the management of transportation, from booking a car to the tracking of schedule and calculation of real-time service. The fast, accurate, and efficient system reduces unnecessary expenses, increasing the business competitiveness.


Miss Essara Vimolchalao, the Vice President-Outsource 2, Siam Rajathanee, revealed thatAt present, real-time vehicle tracking systems are the most widely-used system in many countries in the freight forwarding sector. Executives or controllers will be able to monitor the staff or operators through SWAT Mobility’s application. By digitalising the transportation, operators can now manage transportation comprehensively from planning to departure, tracking, orders, navigation, controlling and caring, reporting, and assisting in vehicle maintenance. The company also constantly develops and improves its application to meet the specific needs of each operator, making this system an effective and cost-efficient one.”  

SWAT Mobility has 4 distinctive solutions for its real-time transport management system, to increase the efficiency, safety, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of the system as follows:


  • On-Demand is suitable for customers who want to call a vehicle instantly in real-time, while reducing dead mileage.
  • Just In Time generates efficient routes and schedules passengers and vehicles within minutes, allowing for high flexibility in the planning of shuttle services. 
  • Commute Pass can plan commutes for regular employees and employees who work in shifts, while also calculating the number of vehicles that need to be used accurately.
  • Digital Fixed Route is a transport management system that manages your routes with the highest efficiency. 

In addition, the SWAT Mobility system ensures that all employees arrive at the company on time with a convenient, comfortable, and safe travel experience. A ride-sharing system like SWAT Mobility’s lowers staff transportation costs while reducing carbon emissions and improving employees’ satisfaction. It is also aligned with the COVID-19 “Social Distancing” measures to minimize contact during travel.


As such, Siam Rajathanee plans on accelerating growth in the SO Wheel sector by 5%, targeting both government and private sectors and businesses with a large number of employees, which may require SWAT Mobility’s comprehensive employee shuttle solutions. Currently, many organisations, both public and private, are interested in this joint service by SO and SWAT Mobility, due to its high potential and wide range of car rental services to meet their needs. Logistics management in an  organization is essential to increase a business’s efficiency and create a competitive advantage over its competitors, Ms. Essara concluded.


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