SWAT Launches Overnight Transport Solution with Partner WTS

Published on:
November 6, 2019
Image credit: Woodlands Transport Service

Singapore - This week, SWAT launched a trial for transport of overnight staff at the leading ground handler and in-flight catering service provider at Singapore Changi Airport, with hundreds of employees working the overnight shift in a given day.

One of the motivating forces for this change is our partner, Woodlands Transport Service (WTS). WTS is Singapore’s largest bus operator, providing transport for schools, corporations and the airport. Fleet operators have been around for a long time, and operations have not changed much since the company began, with the bulk of the work done manually. Tim Chan, Head Airport Business, WTS, felt that there was a need to embrace technology to streamline operations and improve the service.

“Using technology like SWAT’s can help grow our business; we can plan better routes, improve our fleet utilization, and improve communication between drivers and riders. This results in better service for our clients and their staff, making it a win-win for everyone involved.” 

SWAT provides operators a back end system that allows them to manage routes, communicate with drivers and passengers, and monitor their fleet in real time.

For our client’s employees, the move to SWAT’s service has been smooth so far. When a company decides to use SWAT’s transport solution, SWAT understands that there is a need to educate the affected employees on the new process. SWAT typically runs roadshows leading up to the new service, to educate staff on the process of downloading the app, booking a ride, and completing the bus ride. Other benefits for staff include being able to track where and when their ride is arriving, being able to make last minute changes without being charged, and the flexibility of picking another location for pick up or drop off that is available due to another employee’s location.

While the trial is still in its early days, SWAT is hopeful. Jarrold Ong, SWAT's CEO and co-founder, adds,

“There is a lot of potential in moving to a technology solution for employee transport, especially when working with forward-thinking partners like Woodlands Transport. We are confident that once [our client] sees the benefits to them and their employees, they will consider our solution for more of their staff transport needs.”