SWAT Makes Foray into Indonesia with Major Transport Operator

Published on:
December 11, 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia - SWAT entered the Indonesian market with a bus shuttle solution earlier this week, launching with a major private transport operator who is looking to increase market share in the bus industry. Our client currently runs a residential bus service with multiple routes from the suburbs to central Jakarta. The service has been running for over a year with steady ridership, and caters mainly to office commuters who are willing to pay for a comfortable ride.

The operator was looking for a better way of predicting and capturing the demand of their riders. Their ideal solution would enable them to overcome the overcapacity issue, guaranteeing seats for their riders so no one would have to stand during their commute. SWAT’s solution involves digitising the operator’s bus shuttle service, allowing them to better allocate and utilise their fleet, resulting in improved service for their riders.

The service with SWAT’s technology started with limited routes, and has the potential to roll out to more routes in the next few months. We are working closely with our client in this new space, and are confident our solution will help with the issues they are facing. Moving forward, our goal is to expand to other residential areas, along with expanding to more verticals in other cities like tourism, airport shuttle solutions, and intracity shuttle services.