SWAT Mobility's On-Demand App to Adopt Zenrin's Road Network Data

Published on:
June 3, 2021

Tokyo, Japan - SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd. (SWAT), a Singapore-based mobility startup, integrated road network data from the map database provider ZENRIN CO. LTD. (Zenrin).  This integration will provide more accurate routing in Japan, which has one of the most complex road networks in the world.

Introduction of Zenrin's road network data, which fully covers Japan's narrow roads and complex road regulations

SWAT Mobility operates on-demand ride-sharing services in seven countries around the world by developing world-class, highly accurate route optimization technology and utilizing proprietary routing algorithms that efficiently carpool multiple passengers with a minimum number of vehicles.

In the Japanese market, due to many complicated road regulations such as complex and narrow roads, one-way traffic, and time zone restrictions, providing accurate routing has not been easy. Under such circumstances, SWAT Mobility has decided to integrate with the highly accurate and updated road network data of Zenrin, a major Japanese provider of map data for navigation, to SWAT's on-demand bus application.

More accurate and optimal routing in "urban areas”

Zenrin's road network data has been comprehensively surveyed by their in house surveyors, and is maintained using the company's unique editing know-how, making it possible to provide highly accurate road information. As a result, the time required for the integration of SWAT services, including modification of the road conditions in the target area, can be reduced from 1 - 2 months to as little as two weeks, a quarter of the time.

In addition, road width information in units of centimeters makes it possible to avoid routing on narrow roads, which will further optimize routing, especially in "urban" areas. In order to meet the growing demand for last-mile package delivery and food delivery, SWAT Mobility is also planning to introduce routing technology for these applications, as we have arrival point information that enables door-to-door guidance.

SWAT Mobility is committed to using the power of technology to solve a variety of issues related to mobility, and will continue to work towards a society that realizes efficient and optimal mobility for consumers.



Founded in 1948 in Beppu, Oita Prefecture of Japan by Masatomi Osako as a publisher of tourist maps, ZENRIN has a history of over 60 years in the mapping arena, with a reputation for providing a wide range of maps for various purposes. These maps are based on ZENRIN residential maps which cover the entire area of Japan.

In addition to maps, ZENRIN possesses strong market share in map software, in-car navigation software and related IT services. Moreover, ZENRIN has expanded overseas with offices in U.S., Europe, India and Taiwan, further extending the already expansive cartographic database.

ZENRIN will continue to strive to compile cartographic databases that cross borders and pursue further expansion of our products in the relatively new fields of digital maps and IT map distribution services.

ZENRIN is currently headquartered in Kitakyushu City,Fukuoka Prefecture, and helmed by  President Zenshi Takayama.