Transform your business

Attract and retain employees
Overcome location and time-based challenges by providing comfortable, direct rides to and from work.
Maximise productivity
Bring happy, well-rested employees to work smoothly and on-time, every day.
Quantify service performance
SWAT's reports and analytics ensure you always have full visibility - see statistics on bus punctuality, utilisation, and transport expenditure.
Commute sustainably
Pool passengers on large vehicles and reduce mileage driven to minimise your CO2 footprint.
Some walking may be required
transform your business

Attract and retain employees

1 out of 4 employees have left a job because of a bad commute. Use SWAT's system to ensure employees arrive at work safer, happier, and more well-rested.

Safer journeys with only your co-workers
Stress-free commutes without the crowds
Reserved seats
Shorter journey times
transform your business

Always on time

With direct rides to work and fewer transfers, your employees get to spend more time on things that matter.

SWAT's product lines cover shift workers, regular commuters, field mobility and last minute OT work
Our calibrated speed maps and close analysis of your transport service ensure punctuality
Employees can easily book and track their rides on our mobile application
You've arrived at the location.

Quantify service performance

Companies overspend on staff transportation by an average of 30%. Our dashboards and analytics provide transparency on results from every dollar spent.

Cost of transport

Case Studies

See how we've helped these companies transform employee transportation.

our technology

Automate complex planning

We automate last-minute planning for unpredictable over-time, flexible work, and frequent shift changes.

Direct rides to work
Shorter travel time
Reduce CO2 emissions
Book and track rides with our app
"..Reduced workload.."
SWAT’s technology has allowed our employees that manage transport to rest on nights and weekends and focus on their work. It’s reduced the work required versus our previous manual process that had employees waiting for hours for vans and arriving very late.
Alex Gomez, VP for people and culture at KMC Solutions
“..improved commutes to work..”
The team was very flexible to work with for our requirements, and a major incentive of working with SWAT Mobility is their AI-powered technology, creating dynamic routes as needs change. This provided our employees improved commutes to work and enabled them more time to rest.
Wayne Love
Over a million demand-responsive rides completed for our enviromentally-conscious and people-centric customers.