Transform your city

Demand & automation
SWAT's product lines allow you to create the right mix of services to match the unique transit patterns in your city.
Green cities
Reduce your city's carbon footprint by pooling riders traveling in the same direction, reducing dead mileage in public transport, and cutting down on congestion.
Quantify service performance
Keep a pulse on your day-to-day mobility services and act on any red flags before they become problems.
Deliver constant improvement
SWAT works closely with city planners to understand transport priorities, constantly refining services to ensure you're delivering the best possible service based on available resources.
transform your city

Delight your population with next generation mobility solutions

SWAT’s technology covers a wide range of transport patterns and use cases.

First and last mile transit
Commuting to industrial areas
Peak hour crowd dispersion
I'm going to
14 Arrowsmith Street
Gotcha! Your ride is
arriving in 4 minutes
transform your city

Reduce carbon emissions

Spearhead the transition to greener mobility solutions.

Reduce fleet size and congestion
Increase sustainable transport options
Estimate greenhouse gas emissions
be in control

Deliver constant improvement by refining your transport services with big data

Transport needs and patterns evolve – your transport services should too. See how SWAT's demand-responsive technology ensures your transport planning is more intelligent and dynamic.

Monitor usage patterns and capacity bottlenecks
Identify usage patterns and deploy the right type of demand-responsive solution for your users
Choose from a wide range of pricing models to ensure you're incentivising the right user behaviour
AI-driven, human-tested
SWAT's patented Core Mobility Engine powers demand-responsive transport services in major cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney and Manila.

Empower operators

Empower service planners and operators with SWAT's system.  

Live monitoring and service playbacks
Punctuality and compliance statistics
Hyper localised maps with time-based turn restrictions and other important local regulations

Passenger experience

Ensure a high-quality commute experience for all your passengers with our mobile application.

Book and track rides
Monitor driver's live location and ETA
Make digital payment for rides

Enable drivers

SWAT's driver application provides turn-by-turn navigation support to drivers.

Route preview
Track multiple jobs
Bring your own device (BYOD) model makes deployment inexpensive and seamless
"..Reduced workload.."
SWAT’s technology has allowed our employees that manage transport to rest on nights and weekends and focus on their work. It’s reduced the work required versus our previous manual process that had employees waiting for hours for vans and arriving very late.
Alex Gomez, VP for people and culture at KMC Solutions
“..improved commutes to work..”
The team was very flexible to work with for our requirements, and a major incentive of working with SWAT Mobility is their AI-powered technology, creating dynamic routes as needs change. This provided our employees improved commutes to work and enabled them more time to rest.
Wayne Love
Over a million demand-responsive rides completed for our enviromentally-conscious and people-centric customers.