Adjusting Our On-Demand Public Bus Service to COVID-19

Published on:
May 5, 2020
Image credit: CDC Australia

New South Wales, Australia - Hillsbus MetroConnect on-demand bus service, which was only servicing residents from the surrounding areas to Bella Vista, Norwest and Hills Showground stations, has added 2 new hub stops to its service. The 2 new hub stops are Norwest Private Hospital and CircaRetail Shopping Centre, added to better connect residents within the area to essential services. Residents, medical and retail staff can now travel in safe, sanitised buses provided by CDC Australia during this period.

SWAT Mobility (SWAT) is the technology partner providing the on-demand routing algorithm powering the buses in this service that has been operating live since May 2019.

The adjustments to the on-demand public transport service were made with the intention to serve residents with more relevant stops during this period, reacting quickly to the changing community needs. The changes were made within a matter of days and were possible due to the highly adaptable transport technology behind the on-demand service

The lockdown and resulting impact of Covid-19 on people lives meant that access to groceries, medical needs and other essentials are now prioritised. Transport needs to adapt to these new requirements, as well as ensure people can get access to these essentials in a safe manner. On top of being able to quickly adjust to new requirements, SWAT Mobility’s transport technology includes Covid-19 response solutions such as contact tracing, limiting bus capacity to ensure safe distancing, and scheduling around sanitisation schedules.

SWAT Mobility hopes that our customers can stay safe and connected amidst this trying period. 

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