[AAIS Webinar] Challenges of Employee Transportation & the Potential of Smart Mobility

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Published on:
Mar 18, 2021

Recently, we partnered with the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore) to organise a live webinar on the Challenges of Employee Transportation & the Potential of Smart Mobility.

Attendees of the webinar had the privilege to hear from Grace Tan, the HR Manager at SIA Engineering Company, as she shared about how smart transport solutions has improved SIA-EC's operations, staff productivity and costs.

Watch the full recording below.

Employee retention and talent attraction remain crucial as companies go through business recovery. For remotely located companies, it has become more challenging to keep employee transport services viable due to flexible work arrangements.

In this webinar, we shed some light on:

  • How proven smart mobility can better address employee transport needs
  • How to enhance convenience and safety levels for employees
  • How better employee transportation can boost productivity and support human resource managers in recruitment and retention