Route Planning & Load Optimisation Software

Automated Operations
Streamline your operations and improve productivity.
Reduce Transport Costs
Reduce cost and maximise load within existing fleets
Customisable Solution
Tailored to meet your business needs and operational constraints.
Enhance customer experience
Improve delivery times and provide accurate tracking information.

Powered by #1 Vehicle Routing Technology

Our route planning & load optimisation system helps with the end-to-end delivery process from planning, monitoring, to post-service reconciliation and performance metrics.

Award-winning Routing Algorithm
Route Optimisation with 200+ Customisable Parameters
Load Capacity Optimisation & Assignments
Performance Analytics & Reporting
Tailor-made solution

Over 200+ Customisable Parameters

Our AI algorithm tackles the complexities of route planning and can be tailored to your specific operational constraints.

Vehicle & load capacity
Routes constraints
Vehicle speed constraints
Time constraints
Customisable geofences & sub zones
Optimise Routes, Maximise profits

Vehicle Route Planning Technology

By leveraging our solution, companies can achieve up to 25% savings in transportation costs and 30% reduction in vehicles used.

Streamline operations with automatic route generation
Automatic allocation of orders to vehicles and generation of routes using the least number of vehicles needed
Manual adjustments for last-minute insertions or cancellations
Support for first-mile/last-mile deliveries and even a mix of both
Driver App

Track & Trace

Provides visibility into each vehicle's location and delivery status, enhancing operational control and customer satisfaction.

Monitor driver location and performance in real-time
Provide accurate ETAs for enhanced customer experience
Proof of delivery feature to ensure delivery completion
Track and review delivery status for improved efficiency

Case Studies

See how SWAT Mobility's software solution has helped companies improve their first/last-mile delivery work.


Sagawa, Japan

SWAT Mobility recently won the HIKYAKU LABO Award for its work with Sagawa to increase the efficiency of Sagawa's complex freight deliveries.

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