Last-mile delivery fulfilment

Hassle-free deliveries
Offload your entire delivery operations to SWAT and our experienced team will take care of deliveries for you.
Technology-driven route planning
Leave the route planning to us. Our algorithm generates routes for hundreds of orders in minutes.
Be in control
Get full visibility on the entire delivery process, enabled by our real-time vehicle tracking.
Competitive pricing
SWAT aggregates deliveries across multiple companies in order to offer you the most competitive pricing.
next-generation deliverY

Upgrade your delivery workflow

Free up time spent manually planning deliveries with our automated vehicle distribution and routing technology.

Automatic planning of delivery routes to cut down administrative load
Integration with our driver app for seamless and error-free communication
Live-tracking of deliveries and ETA updates
Automatic delivery status notifications
be at ease

The delivery partner you can rely on

No more dealing with ad-hoc drivers or juggling between different working partners. We coordinate with reliable transport providers to ensure timely deliveries for you.

Single point of contact for driver & fleet management
Monitor driver location and compliance
Dedicated customer support team
achieve growth

Scale your business

SWAT provides full support for time-sensitive deliveries – whether it's a promise you've made to a customer to deliver during a specific time, or perishable items which need to be completed quickly, SWAT delivers.

Affordable same-day and next-day delivery (including other service levels)
Flexibility to define specific delivery timeslots
Support for seasonal deliveries and corporate events

Case Studies

See how SWAT Mobility’s delivery management has helped small businesses fulfil their delivery orders.


UglyFood, Singapore

UglyFood has started to fulfil their grocery orders with the help of SWAT Mobility’s technology. With every delivery, we are one step closer to creating a sustainable food ecosystem.

our technology

Deliveries powered by SWAT's technology

SWAT's system helps with the end-to-end delivery process from planning, monitoring, to post service data-driven insights.

Factor in customer availability and time needed to fulfil each order
Ensure optimal distribution of orders across vehicles
Easily make manual adjustments to your routes as needed
Insert last minute orders even after initial routing is completed
Over a million demand-responsive rides completed for our enviromentally-conscious and people-centric customers.