Last-mile delivery fulfilment

End-to-end applications
Suite of applications for generating routes, tracking your fleet, and analysing fleet performance.
Reduce costs
Save money by reducing vehicle use and mileage, alongside man-hours saved on planning and organising deliveries.
Support for integrations
Leverage SWAT's technology easily via integrations with existing TMS systems or POS/WMS systems.
Improve customer experience
Better customer experience with updated ETAs and a webapp for order tracking.

Deliveries powered by SWAT's technology

SWAT's system helps with the end-to-end delivery process from planning, monitoring, to post-service reconciliation and performance metrics.

Automatic allocation of orders to vehicles and generation of routes using the least number of vehicles needed
Make adjustments to order assignments between or across vehicles and routes as needed
Support for first-mile/last-mile deliveries and even a mix of both
Easily edit routes even after drivers are on the road
Simplify workflows

Full control of your delivery workflow

Reduce key man risk from manual planning with our automated order distribution and routing technology.

Integration with our driver app for seamless and error-free communication
Live-tracking of deliveries and ETA updates
SMS notifications and web app for customer
“live tracking”
Easily generate fulfilment statistics and performance reports
Easy-to-use proof of delivery for reconciliation
Reduce planning overheads

Handle complex planning and last minute orders

Plan better with automatic route generation - our system automatically uses the least number of vehicles required to fulfil orders based on your planning parameters.

Factor in customer availability and time needed to fulfil each order
Set vehicle constraints such as vehicle capacity/height/weight
Support for multiple volume types (frozen/chilled etc.) and other unique attributes
Last minute, dynamic insertions even while your fleet is on the road
Local support

Built in Asia, for Asia.

SWAT provides best-in-class support to help you get the most out of our flexible software and ensure we meet your unique needs.

Strong support for Asian geographies and a mix of third-party and proprietary map data
Machine-learning calibrated speed maps and routing for larger vehicles
Strong operational experience and in-market support for multiple geographies in Asia
Integration support - readily integrates with existing TMS systems or POS/WMS systems

Case Studies

See how SWAT Mobility's software solution has helped companies improve their first/last-mile delivery work.


Sagawa, Japan

SWAT Mobility recently won the HIKYAKU LABO Award for its work with Sagawa to increase the efficiency of Sagawa's complex freight deliveries.

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