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Efficient high capacity pooling with routes automatically generated within minutes.
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how it works

Just the route you need. At just the time you want.

Defy chaos

Hundreds of passengers can book a ride up to 10 minutes before departure - our system collates the bookings and generates optimised routes for your entire vehicle fleet within minutes.

Demand-driven routes

Each route is generated based on the exact group of passengers who booked for that timing. No more redundant stops.

Configurable service levels
Adjust journey times and other service parameters according to your budget.
Support for shift work
We support multiple shift timings and generate custom routes for each group of passengers.
Streamline operations
Use our Transport Management System to track ridership and consolidate payments painlessly.


Shift Work
No need to create routes in advance for highly variable shift patterns. Deploy buses within minutes.
Overtime transport
Send your employees home with close-to-home drop-offs after their late night or overtime shifts.
Event Transport
Treat your event attendees/VIPs by picking them up and sending them home with personalised transport.

What our clients say

“Using technology like SWAT’s can help grow our business; we can plan better routes, improve our fleet utilization, and improve communication between drivers and riders. This results in better service for our clients and their staff, making it a win-win for everyone involved.”

Tim Chan
Head Airport Business, Woodlands Transport Service

I am confident their routing technology [and] easy-to-use passenger apps will continue to help improve work commute for our employees, making it convenient, affordable and comfortable.”

Yee Lok Yeen
VP, HR Centre of Excellence, Sembcorp Marine