Our Rebranding Journey: The Road to Mobility

written by:
SWAT Mobility Team
Published on:
Apr 17, 2020

Earlier this year, we embarked on a rebranding project that turned out to be a momentous milestone. It helped us to align our offerings with our beliefs and communicate what we stand for to our stakeholders.

New name

We are now officially known as SWAT Mobility. This new name seeks to emphasise our commitment to the mobility space and how we are more than just a transport technology provider. It was a culmination of years of refining our products to deliver increasing value to people’s lives. 

New logo 

We’ve also updated our logo to reflect the change.

New website

We revamped our website, adding 4 new product pages to help people understand how our products work and the differences between them. 

Our illustration style has evolved from 2D to isometric. The design team is continuously building our library of assets, which will be used in all our communication materials going forward. Throughout the website, you can see how miniature cities and architecture can be formed with the individual components to help create a story.

Our journey

SWAT Mobility has grown much in the past 5 years. We started out providing dynamic on-demand private bus service to the general public in Singapore. Then, we expanded to help companies regionally with employee transport and industrial park transport. Recently, we applied our solutions to non-emergency medical transport for the first time. 

In Sydney, Australia, we launched an on-demand public bus service to improve the first-mile, last-mile connectivity.

With every milestone, we hone our expertise in offering high-efficiency rides in large capacity vehicles, with the use of our dynamic pooling and routing technology. We have amassed a wealth of experience in B2B shared mobility, enabling enterprises with demand-responsive, ride-sharing technology to offer their employees greater convenience and better commutes. 

With over a million dynamically generated rides behind us, we are now confident to be a leading force in improving mobility by empowering organisations to optimise the movement of people and resources.

What’s next?

We are well prepared for the future of mobility, for our technology to move connected autonomous vehicles, deciding where to pick up passengers and directing their journey to drop-off points.  With the belief that efficient transport is a fundamental right, we endeavour to improve the way people commute, ease congestion and ultimately enrich lives.

Our vision is to eventually be the core mobility engine that powers transport systems and conducts the movement of people and resources at a large scale. It is a grand vision but we have a good start, working with large corporations and fleet operators to improve the ways people move daily.