Attracting and retaining employees with better commutes

written by:
SWAT Mobility Team
Published on:
May 30, 2022

Many semiconductor companies are located in areas relatively inaccessible by public transportation. Unless the company provides transportation, the daily commute can be time-consuming for employees, and it may even become a source of dissatisfaction over time.

Commuting also affects their decision to return to the workplace. A recent study by the Nanyang Technological University found that people are more likely to return to their workplaces if their journeys to work were shorter and more comfortable. [1]

Whether it is to encourage more employees to return to the workplace or to improve their commute experience, it is worth looking into solutions to make the journey an easier one.

Introducing smart employee transportation

For company transportation, most companies operate bus services with fixed timings and stop points that do not adjust to fluctuations in demand, which may lead to inefficiencies that cost more in the long run.

Introducing SWAT’s demand-responsive employee transportation - Behind it lies an algorithm that calculates the optimal routes and fleet combination that reduces trip times and maximises vehicle utilisation.

Digitalising transport simplifies transport planning, helping companies cope with changing schedules and flexible work arrangements. It also makes it easier to manage transport, with platforms to track vehicles and service reports on key metrics.

●     Up to 80% less time on transport management

●     Automated route planning

●     Average 20% reduction in fleet costs

Smart mobility has been making great strides in transforming the traditional employee transportation, turning it into a more cost-efficient service for companies to provide.

Happier employees

Imagine employees booking rides in advance through a mobile app and getting picked up close to their homes.

Smart employee transportation lets employees enjoy:

●     Pick-up and drop-off points that are within walking distance of their homes

●     On-time arrivals

●     Direct, transfer-free rides

●      Comfortable, safe and convenient journeys

Companies like Katoen Natie have shared that such technology can be a powerful recruiting tool and that candidates are more likely to accept offers because of better transport.

SWAT Mobility is the leading smart mobility solutions firm in South-East Asia, with extensive experience working with organisations such as Sembcorp Marine and Singapore Airlines to solve employee transport issues and improve commutes. Its proprietary algorithm holds a record on the global Li & Lim benchmark in optimisation efficiency. In 2021, SWAT Mobility was listed on Forbes Asia 100 to Watch list as a startup on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region.

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 [1] The Straits Times: Crowded trains sway people's decision to work from home