Lighting the Way for the People at SWAT

written by:
Grace Ho
Published on:
Oct 21, 2021

The Singapore Women In Tech ( SG100WIT ) list announced by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS), in partnership with SG Women in Tech and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) , recognises and celebrates women based in Singapore who have been inspiring, and who have made significant contributions to the tech industry.  

Congratulations to our President, Grace Ho, for being recognised in the SG100WIT 2021 list, which highlights her leadership and contributions in making a difference in tech through her work at SWAT Mobility.

Hear from Grace as she tells us about what motivates her every day and why she feels it is important to inspire her team and the women (and men) at SWAT Mobility to find greater purpose in the work that we do.

Having spent more than 25 years in multinational technology companies, taking the bold career move to cross-over to a Singapore startup has been extremely rewarding, both professionally and personally. A day in a life at SWAT Mobility is like taking an exam everyday - I am confronted with opportunities and challenges simultaneously, and many times I have to go figure out the answers on-the-fly with my young and talented teams. 

The PEOPLE I get to work with everyday, is by far my biggest motivation. My entrepreneurial co-founders, enthusiastic and hungry-to-learn teams give me tremendous energy to push the boundaries on the meaningful work we get to do. 

Our vision of revolutionising how the world moves and transforming lives with mobility is a bold and ambitious one. However, in the short 5 years, we have powered more than 2 million rides with our award-winning algorithm, penetrated 7 countries and made an impact on transforming people transportation in Asia -- this collective achievement gives me immense encouragement that we have a valid PURPOSE, and with the pandemic disrupting mobility, our work is not done yet and there is certainly much more we can do.

While I am not computer science or engineering trained (I did biochemistry and microbiology at NUS), my years in the technology sector have sharpened my appreciation for the power and application of technology. My personal PASSION is in figuring out how we can leverage technology to improve our quality of life, so that we can make better use of time to do things that matter.

I am very privileged to work at a young Singapore startup like SWAT Mobility. While I have the responsibility to transfer my knowledge and skills to a younger generation, the opportunity to co-create meaningful outcomes with our future generation of entrepreneurs and leaders is precious, inspiring and rewarding.

Check out her citation on the SG WIT 2021 list here: