Product Used
On Demand

Hassle-Free Shuttles for J:COM Salespeople

Use Case
Field Mobility
Type of Transport
Shuttle Service
Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Jupiter Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (J:COM) is Japan’s largest cable TV operator and telecommunication company.

total rides over 3.5 months
cumulative total users over 3.5 months
10 minutes
average waiting time for ride
employees serviced per vehicle

The Challenge

J:COM was exploring a hassle-free way for their salespeople in Nerima, Tokyo and Sakai, Osaka, to get around their daily appointments, without worrying about driving or parking. They own 4500 vehicles which salespeople and other staff use to travel individually for their meetings. With a shared solution, it was important for the app to be easy to use, and for the salespeople to arrive at their meetings on time.

The Solution

The core technology behind SWAT’s on-demand transport is a powerful algorithm that can pool a large number of passengers across different areas and route them optimally to maximise utilisation and service levels. When a salesperson needs a ride, all he or she has to do is request a ride from the SWATBiz app, from which they can also get status updates on where their ride is, and when they will get to their destination. Average wait times for their rides have been a very reasonable average of 10 minutes.

The salespeople ride-share in 7-seater vans provided by J:COM. Each shuttle driver has a driver app directing them where to go, and there is a backend system with analytics available to provide our client visibility on the service.

These shuttles are equipped with hand sanitizer, snacks, and wifi, so salespeople can travel comfortably and even prepare for their next meeting. Feedback from riders has been extremely positive.

Some benefits for the salespeople include:

  • Reduction in commute stress
  • No more worrying about parking
  • Reduction in car accidents
  • Productivity increase with additional time to make sales reports or prepare for meetings

For our client, they no longer need to provide individual cars for salespeople, no longer have to make sales reports after coming back to their office, and best of all, have a more productive workforce who are more inclined to stay with the company with these extra benefits.