Solution used
Employee Transport

Improving Employee Night Transport Efficiency for a Large Hospitality Service Provider

Use case
Employee Transport
Type of transport
Work to Home
Number of passengers served
Up to 300 daily
Client Background

The client is one of Singapore’s leading hospitality service providers that operates resorts and hotels in the region. With services that run round the clock, many of its employees work night shifts, requiring safe and reliable transport home after public transport services have stopped for the day.

Passengers served per month
<30 minutes
Average journey time for 99% of the staff
15 minutes
Routes are dynamically planned before departure


The company has implemented a shift scheduling structure to assign workdays to its employees. However, this approach has made it challenging to accurately predict the required transportation home on a daily basis because the demand for such services is constantly changing. Moreover, there are some days when more staff is required on-site due to large events being held. Although the company already provides transportation services to its employees, it has been challenging to find a safer and more efficient solution to transport them home, given the dynamic nature of demand.


The company reached out to SWAT Mobility, a mobility technology provider they had worked with previously, to offer a transportation solution for their night shift employees. SWAT Mobility rapidly deployed its dynamic employee transport solution to safely and efficiently transport hundreds of employees home each night 

SWAT Mobility's employee transport solution enables employees to book their rides home up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time via the SWATBiz app. During the onboarding process, employees found it easy to familiarise themselves with the app and booking process. The bookings are batched and sent through the app 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The app is accessible only to authorised employees who are identified by their work ID. 

The solution uses booking data to create customised routes each night that meet the requirements of drop-offs within 650m walking distance from the employees' homes and a maximum of 90-minute journey time. This ensures that employees are dropped off near their houses in the wee hours of the night when other forms of transportation are either unavailable or costly.

Utilising SWATBiz, employees receive bus information, including estimated time of arrival, empowering them to board the correct bus independently.

Furthermore, SWAT Mobility's technology maximises the available bus fleet, which allows for the most efficient use of resources. Not only does the solution improve the efficiency of the transportation process but it also enables the company to save on manpower costs by reducing administrative processes involved in planning and coordinating transport.

During the engagement, SWAT Mobility also conducted a carbon emissions analysis for the company, comparing level of emissions between the use of taxis versus buses. 

The client sees the value of the technology solution and its benefits. It is now using the solution for other ad-hoc events and is keen to explore the possibility of having more departments utilising the service.