14 August 2020: Yale-NUS students and alumni employ technological innovations to meet COVID-19 challenges

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Lim Wei Da
Published on:
Aug 14, 2020

Jerald Lim is now working on product management at SWAT Mobility. He talks about his experience with us and how his work has expanded positive impact within the transportation space.

At SWAT Mobility, he has helped to conduct research on the transportation landscape in Southeast Asia and expand the impact of our products. He said that he is proud to see SWAT’s technology deployed to facilitate COVID-19 transportation measures, particularly in the safe transport projects for healthcare workers in the cities Manila and Jakarta (both of which he is involved in).

“Carrying out both of these projects gave me a good understanding of the transportation and payment challenges in the regions we were beginning to operate in, the needs of their populations, and the value we could provide with our services. I am happy to have contributed towards positive impact through my work.”