[Business Mirror] SWAT Mobility bets on manufacturing sector to grow transport business in PHL

Business Mirror
Published on:
Jun 22, 2021
SWAT Mobility co-founder Jarrold Ong

SWAT Mobility, a Singapore-based smart mobility solution company that handles employee transportation, said it is looking at the manufacturing sector to grow its business in the Philippines.

Jarrold Ong, SWAT Mobility co-founder, said these sectors have huge logistics requirements that should be done efficiently, safely and conveniently.

“Manufacturing companies have always required transportation, even before the pandemic, because of the number of people that goes in and out of the facility, and transporting people has to be done efficiently because delays can mean production losses for the companies,”

he said.

Ong explained that SWAT's technology allows operators to see who are in the vehicles at any given time which makes it easier to track the fleet and the passengers.

According to Ong, the pandemic has highlighted the need for an efficient transport solution and companies are now seeing the benefits of having a transport solution partner like SWAT Mobility.

“Once our clients have experienced how we do things, it is difficult to go back to the old manual planning of routes which are ultimately more costly, more time consuming, and more inefficient,”

he said.

Ong said SWAT Mobility’s level of efficiency in route planning, fleet management, and tracking is extremely difficult to achieve if done manually. “At the scale that we are doing it, it is impossible for humans to do it as fast and as efficient as our algorithms,” Ong said.

SWAT Mobility is the first to run high-capacity vehicle pooling services in Asia with operations in 7 countries which includes ASEAN countries, Japan and Australia.