Challenging the old order

The Business Times
Mindy Tan
Published on:
Nov 20, 2019
Alex Chua and Arthur Chua. Image credit: Yen Meng Jiin, BT

Mr Arthur Chua, the Chairman and co-founder of Ministry of Movement (SWAT), is also the CEO of SWAT's investor Goldbell Group. He faced difficulties challenging the status quo in the large established family business.

As a strategy to innovate and diversify the core business, on top of expanding the range of services offered by Goldbell, he also co-founded and invested in SWAT.

According to Mr Arthur Chua, SWAT's pipeline in Singapore is "very strong".

It is not just in Singapore that SWAT is making inroads. It has operations in Australia and Vietnam and is looking to launch operations in Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia in the first quarter of next year.

SWAT is also in talks with Guangzhou Public Bus Group, which it met during one of Enterprise Singapore's overseas mission trips.

Read about his motivations behind SWAT, and his entire innovation strategy in details below.