Emerging Stronger Taskforce’s Alliance for Action on Robotics Pilots Two Autonomous Bus Services to Augment Existing Transport Network

Emerging Stronger Taskforce (EST) Singapore
Published on:
Jan 25, 2021

The Launch of Singapore’s First Autonomous Transport Revenue Service

Emerging Stronger Taskforce’s Alliance for Action on Robotics launches Singapore’s first trial of on-demand autonomous bus services at Singapore Science Park 2 and Jurong Island, supported by CapitaLand and JTC. The pilot was co-led by Vincent Chong, Group President and CEO of ST Engineering, and Peter Ho, CEO of HOPE Technik. The Alliance for Action (AfA) on Robotics, under the Emerging Stronger Taskforce, brought together industry players in Singapore’s mobility ecosystem - bus transport operators (SBS Transit, SMRT) and technology providers (ST Engineering, GPS Lands, SWAT Mobility), to advance the development of sustainable autonomous vehicle (AV) solutions.

Starting from 25 January 2021, the 3 months pilot aims to exhibit services which serve commuters’ need for safe, reliable and efficient modes of transportation. Additionally, it is to gather operational data and insights for the assessment of possible ventures into the rapidly expanding AV space globally.

SWAT Mobility is proud to be part of the local AV ecosystem, collaborating with esteemed partners to iron out technological complexities and establish reliable processes that would facilitate the operationalisation of AV transport. This experience has enabled us to expand our capacity and degree of integration with AV management systems, as we explore integrations with our fleet management and route optimisation functions. In this pilot, we provide the customer-facing app with booking and payments capability. We hope the service morphs into a mobility on demand service in the future, where our demand aggregation capabilities are equipped to support it.
The success of the pilot would accelerate the move towards running public AV transport and the delivery of safe and affordable AV deployments commercially at scale. We believe in using our technology to develop smart autonomous transport solutions that can make urban transport more efficient and sustainable for everyone.

- Jarrold Ong, CEO of SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd.


Emerging Stronger Taskforce (EST) Singapore Press: Alliances for Action on Robotics 25 January 2021