Exclusive Interview with Grace Ho, President, SWAT Mobility, Singapore

Urban Transport News
Krishtina D'Silva
Published on:
Apr 24, 2020
Image credit: Urban Transport News

Our President, Grace Ho, sat down with the Urban Transport News team and talked about our vision, philosophy and products, along with her background and role at SWAT Mobility.

Short excerpt from the interview:

What measures will you take to ensure the ultimate travel experience and seamless transportation?

It starts with our product design philosophy: we believe it is important to continue with developing our products to be demand-responsive so that we can cater to a variety of demand patterns. Fast time-to-market is also essential and our teams are agile and competent with rapid deployments, for example adapting our solution for clients with new requirements to support their BCP.

From our experience deploying solutions in various countries, we have learned that incorporating a human element in system design is important. From both the driver and passenger perspectives, there are certain preferences that can only be derived from on the ground experience. For example, our algorithm would provide the shortest walking path for a passenger to get from the drop off point to their home. In reality, the passenger might request a different stop which would require a longer walk, but it is more well-lit at night or does not require the person to cross the road.

Adopting a customer-centric approach is essential. Particularly during deployment, we work closely with our clients and their employees to gather feedback on the service, utilise data to fine-tune the service and constantly upgrade our algorithm, apps and service parameters to improve service levels.

Overall, it is a continuous learning and improvement process for us, and we continue to work closely with our customers to incorporate their feedback to improve our product and service so as to constantly deliver a great customer commute experience.