Is Metro Manila’s Traffic Truly Unbeatable? SWAT Mobility Shows It Doesn’t Have To Be

Published on:
Aug 21, 2020

Though the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuring lockdowns have forced many of Metro Manila’s workers to work from home, there are still plenty of exemptions to this rule: aside from essential health workers, those working in essential industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, and more are allowed to work on-site.

With public transport operating at significantly reduced capacity during the pandemic, many companies have opted to provide company shuttles to get these essential employees to work. Although there’s still room for improvement, for example, how will shuttles know which routes are best for avoiding traffic?

Singapore-based transport solutions firm SWAT Mobility aims to help companies solve this problem by providing demand-responsive smart mobility technology in high capacity vehicles. SWAT Mobility’s technology enables companies to digitize their employee transportation processes, enabling them to save time, manpower, and money.