Lunch with PM Lee for founders of Carousell, Ninja Van and other startups

Published on:
Jan 13, 2020
2nd from right: Mr Jarrold Ong, CEO of SWAT, was one of the 10 Singapore entrepreneurs invited to the Istana last Friday. Image credit: Lee Hsien Loong FB (MCI Photo by Chwee)

For two hours last Friday, 10 Singapore entrepreneurs including Mr Jarrold Ong, the CEO of SWAT, were invited to the Istana to share their views about the startup scene and discuss the challenges of doing business in Singapore over lunch, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Mr Ong said he was touched that Mr Lee took the time to discuss the challenges faced by entrepreneurs here.

He was also inspired to hear during the lunch about how other founders started out and how they are innovating their businesses.