Plug and Play Japan has selected 94 domestic/overseas startups for its Winter/Spring 2020 Batch

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Plug and Play
Published on:
Dec 5, 2019
SWAT under Mobility Batch 4 startups. Image credit: Plug and Play

Tokyo - Plug and Play Japan KK has selected 94 startups in six verticals (IoT, Fintech, Insurtech, Mobility, Brand & Retail and Hardtech & Health ) with 36 large domestic corporate companies for the Winter/Spring 2020 Batch acceleration program, which will be carried out from December 2019 to March 2020.

In their Summer/Fall 2019 Batch program that took place from June-September 2019, 31 major domestic companies participated as official partners in five verticals (IoT, Fintech, Insurtech, Mobility, and Brand & Retail). At the same time, Plug and Play Japan supported 69 startups domestically and overseas.