Toyota Mobility Foundation Supports Healthcare Workers In Philippines

The Auto Channel
Published on:
May 8, 2020

MANILA, May 08, 2020; COVID-19 outbreaks have not only caused unprecedented and prolonged challenges to our social and daily activities, but more significantly, posed serious threats to human lives. Each segment of society, such as local governments, businesses and individuals, are playing their role in the fight against the virus. Among those, healthcare workers are tirelessly working day and night to save lives, putting themselves at risk.

In appreciation of and respect for the dedication of these heroes, Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF), an independent not-for-profit foundation aimed at enabling mobility for all, announced today that they will provide up to 10 connected and sanitized shuttles to Philippine General Hospital. These free-of-charge shuttles will help medical and other staff at the hospital commute safely and efficiently, giving them peace of mind.