Toyota mobilizing Hiace units for SE Asia hospitals
Jose Altoveros
Published on:
Apr 2, 2020
Image credit: Toyota Mobility Foundation

Frontliners and healthcare workers, however, still need to report to duty and help battle against the disease. In order to help expand a means of transport for them in this time of crisis, the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) announced that it will be providing 10 connected and sanitized shuttles free of cost to hospitals treating COVID-19 cases, starting in Thailand. Unlike the free shuttles plying a set route in Metro Manila, these shuttles are equipped with software allowing them to be booked by the commuter.

Think of it as a ride-hailing app but only for healthcare workers and other frontliners. Rather than waiting in groups at a set location, passengers can be picked up in various locations across the city. The app also provides an accurate time on when the van will pick them up and when they will arrive at their destinations. The "Just-in-Time" software is designed by Singapore-based SWAT Mobility, a company that provides demand-responsive, ride-sharing solutions.