[COVID-19 Special] Transforming transport during a pandemic

The Straits Times
Christopher Tan | Senior Transport Correspondent
Published on:
Apr 23, 2020
The Straits Times

Demand-responsive transport technology by companies such as SWAT Mobility can help to support front-line workers in hospitals and essential-service workers with safer commutes.

With traffic usage slowing down during the coronavirus pandemic, it is a good time to relook and boost on-demand services.


The algorithm used by SWAT Mobility allows for cost savings, as proven by the growing number of companies which have engaged its services for their employees.

Certainly, during this circuit breaker period, where many essential-service workers are complaining of crowded buses and long travelling times because bus services have been pared down, on-demand buses can help.

They can serve hospitals, for instance, where some 40,000 public healthcare workers still need to report for work each day. Surely, we do not want our front-line Covid-19 fighters to be relying on transport modes that provide patchy safe distancing?