Give Your Transport a Digital Upgrade

written by:
SWAT Mobility Team
Published on:
May 25, 2020
SWAT Mobility Digital Upgrade

If you are manually planning transport for your employees and waiting months to reconcile billing, you are spending way too much time and effort. 

Your company may currently be relying on a transport manager to schedule daily transport for the employees. He or she probably has to coordinate with the fleet operator to plan the routes, manually track the ridership, then follow that up with the billing which may take months to process. Any ad-hoc pick-ups and drop-offs are arranged through SMS or Whatsapp with the driver personally.

However, this is terribly inefficient as these manual processes can be easily automated and completed at a fraction of the time, with much higher efficiency and better-optimised routes.

Companies are now digitising their employee transport with transport management systems to reduce overall costs and give their employees greater convenience in their commutes. Your HR or transport manager could just oversee your employee transport instead of having to plan and coordinate on the ground.

How can I digitise my employee transport? 

The most effective way is to switch to an employee transport management system, which uses technology to optimise the usage of your buses and provide end-to-end management of your employee transport. 

The system would include an operator interface which allows you to manage your fleets in one place. You can monitor your service online, and know at a glance where your drivers and vehicles are throughout the service duration. The system also tracks daily ridership for you. It saves you time and effort by collecting data and tracking metrics automatically, over time and across locations. 

Based on the ridership data, you can adjust your bus usage by either changing the number of vehicles or the capacity of deployed vehicles, which helps you save resources by increasing the utilisation rate. 

SWAT Mobility offers a digital transport solution with such a system and a mobile app for employees to book rides and secure seats on their company buses.

Through the app, employees can track the location and timings of their buses and get notified about important trip details such as walking distance to stops, waiting time and delays. You can also collect payment through the app.

Why should I digitise my employee transport now?

Digitising your transport does not require much set-up costs or effort compared more advanced transport solutions which involves route optimisation and an overhaul of existing services. An employee transport management system can be viewed as an upgrade to your transport service. Use technology to automate processes and manage resources better. It saves you time and effort, which translates into actual cost savings in the long run.

More importantly, you can contact trace through the ride bookings by employees that are automatically tracked and recorded. Contact tracing is inherent in this solution - You are able to know which buses your employees are on and at what time.

Your employees would thus feel more assured about their rides. Let your employees commute safely and more comfortably.