Movement Just In Time

written by:
Evgeni Makarov
Published on:
Jun 5, 2020

COVID-19 Mobility Solutions to move People, Food and Goods

Last weekend, we presented our mobility solutions to COVID-19 challenges in the finale of the Y4PT's Hack Covid-19 & Reshape Societies global contest. 

From over 35 teams and more than 350 participants, our team emerged as the top 15 teams selected to proceed to the finals. 

Our solution

Our COVID-19 mobility solutions to help with commutes and deliveries is covered in our 5 minutes pitch video below:

In the first part, we demonstrated how we can apply demand-responsive transport to move people, especially healthcare workers. Our suite of tools and route optimisation technology can provide healthcare workers with safe and more convenient commutes. This is exemplified by our support of Toyota Mobility Foundation with our technology, offering healthcare workers in Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta safe, sanitised shuttles.

We rounded off our presentation with how efficient route planning can optimise delivery of goods and food. Such technology can enable restaurants to make deliveries themselves. Particularly, our routing technology was used to transport water and other ingredients from 89 locations in Singapore to the testing lab in the most efficient way possible. 

Our journey

Y4PT's Hack Covid-19 & Reshape Societies is a fully remote, global contest to showcase designs of immediately deployable solutions to COVID-19, in the themes of Mobility and Transport, Collaboration to support local communities, and Health and safety. 

Our team consists of myself, Evgeni Makarov, the Head of Data at SWAT Mobility and fellow colleague, Evgenii Kuzin, Product Manager and QA Lead.

Our company decided to enter the competition as it was a good opportunity to leverage the platform provided by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), not only to highlight our COVID-19 mobility solutions but also to share our experiences and exchange ideas with people from different parts of the world. 

The contest is specific to COVID-19, which makes it especially relevant to participate in right now. It was eye-opening to see examples of ideas from Europe and Latin America and be able to compare it with the projects and demands in South-East Asia that we are currently working on.

As part of the contest, we had to demonstrate our approach to help communities fight the pandemic, with a focus on mobility and transportation. Our ideas and solutions had to be nicely packaged into the deck and presented to the jury in a pitch under 5 minutes.

Overall, Hackathon was a rewarding journey that helped us to look back on the purpose of our recent deployments and better align our offerings to address the new challenges presented by COVID-19.